Selected Gallery of sites, works, technologies

  • Doppiozero

    Doppiozero (2016)

    drupal site ver.6 to ver.7

  • La Scighera

    La Scighera (2015)

    drupal site ver.5 a ver.6 a ver.7

  • Multiple Access Database

    Multiple Access Database (2015)

    Database with separated access: admin and user, flexible and programmable. Implementation for the idiom Database - University of Milan

  • Parcol International

    Parcol International (2014)

    asp site on mssql database, multilingual, in conjunction with Parcol

  • Hoepli-Publishing

    Hoepli-Publishing (2013)

    Authoring site of Editor Hoepli. Based on Mediawiki, can create, share, publish in different format (epub, pdf, zim, odf)


    THANKS DAD (2013)

    sites with html5 video

  • ecoriSOLuzioni

    ecoriSOLuzioni (2013)

    Drupal site of ecoriSOLuzioni - Group for renewable energy and energy saving

  • Alekoslab sites

    Alekoslab sites (2013)

    sites of cooperative Alekoslab. Institutional site, project iosonodelgalla, sustainable projects as ecoenergie

  • Webaffisso

    Webaffisso (2013)

    access to foto and information on control over marketing campaign. Site for Publicontrol Italia

  • Granara

    Granara (2013)

    site of our associated ecovillage, With Drupal CMS.

  • RiMax Technology

    RiMax Technology (2012)

    php site webdesign: adverteam

  • db-electronic

    db-electronic (2011)

    php site

  • Parcol

    Parcol (2009)

    company site with products database (from postgres to mssql). reserved area fot document and content manager. javascript effects(mootools). Bilingual site english-chinese

  • BFS Edizioni

    BFS Edizioni (2008)

    site of the publishing house Biblioteca Franco Serantini. Database and CMS ad-hoc.

  • QualifiCare newsletter

    QualifiCare newsletter (2007)

    site and back-end with newsletter manager

  • Dotsystem

    Dotsystem (2007)

    multilingual site with product database. Reserved area for documents

  • Hoepli technical book site

    Hoepli technical book site (2007)

    site of Hoepli on technical book and technical norms: database of norms and site contents, htmlhelp for complete norms.For publishing house Hoepli. Collaboration with ing. Andrea Guadagni

  • IRS-online

    IRS-online (2006)

    site of Istituto per la ricerca sociale and site for Prospettive Sociali e Sanitarie . ad-hoc build CMS, bilingual, CSS and accessibility.

  • Eleuthera

    Eleuthera (2005)

    site of the libertarian publishing house. Based on php-mysql. E-commerce for book purchase

  • IEG

    IEG (2005)

    site of I & G Management . Based on flash-php-mysql. Reserved area with multilevel authorisation.


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