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  • Rho x EXPO

    Rho x EXPO (2015)

    drupal site mobile first

  • Stelline

    Stelline (2015)

    drupal site custom

  • Expo Women Global Forum

    Expo Women Global Forum (2015)

    site in drupal for mobile for Expo Women Golbal Forum (EWGF)

  • IGPDecaux

    IGPDecaux (2014)

    drupal site custom

  • TCM TerraCieloMare

    TCM TerraCieloMare (2013)

    php site webdesign: adverteam

  • (2010)

    html site

  • bicincitta VCO

    bicincitta VCO (2009)

    Site for Sustainable Mobility in VCO. Drupal multisite. With openlayer maps.

  • Peroni Pompe

    Peroni Pompe (2008)

    site html webdesign: adverteam

  • Database DesignLibrary

    Database DesignLibrary (2007)

    library database and back-end. flash-php

  • OEM automazione

    OEM automazione (2007)

    html site with samir katana web design

  • Ali per giocare

    Ali per giocare (2007)

    site of Ali per giocare, ludobus and ludoteche association. CMS joomla.

  • Pianobfilm

    Pianobfilm (2007)

    site for Pianob's video; flash based, offline in ajax

  • P9productions

    P9productions (2007)

    Paolo Novelli site, documentaries and photos: Video streaming flash

  • Pianob

    Pianob (2006)

    communication web site. Video streaming flash

  • Easybox

    Easybox (2006)

    site of selfstorage, e-commerce features.

  • Piano Sociale Rhodense

    Piano Sociale Rhodense (2005)

    site of Piano Sociale di Zona dei comuni del Rhodense. CSS e accessibility.

  • RBDD

    RBDD (2005)

    site for Rare Bleeding Disorder Database and Fondazione Luigi Villa . Database implementation for data collection and analysis. Safety measures.

  • Gelson

    Gelson (2005)

    multilingual site with product database. Reserved area for agent order collection

  • Matignon Club

    Matignon Club (2004)

    site of a fashion club. based on php - DB Oracle. Collaboration with Adverteam

  • Diventando donna

    Diventando donna (2004)

    site of sanity booking. based on php - MySQL. Collaboration with Adverteam

  • Il Viaggiamondo

    Il Viaggiamondo (2004)

    simple presence site style with hosting and web master training.

  • Game-site Superfighetto

    Game-site Superfighetto (2003)

    consulting on system and database, Oracle on linux, for Beffa srl.

  • Gabrius databank

    Gabrius databank (2002)

    site for auction data. based on asp - SQLserver. Collaboration with Exmachina

  • Mirko & Pallino

    Mirko & Pallino (2001)

    funny site for our acrobat friends

  • La Contrabbanda

    La Contrabbanda (2001)

    site of Contrabbanda- no border music

  • Norme tecniche in HtmlHelp

    Norme tecniche in HtmlHelp (2001)

    italian technical norms: electronic documentation on cd and web using htmlhelp. Full-text search on cd

  • Maltrainsema

    Maltrainsema (2000)

    on-line order of GAS (Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale) Maltrainsema with member shopping cart. asp-access ported on php-mysql

  • Liveatcanon

    Liveatcanon (1999)

    consulting on system and administration of the canon community site for exmachina .

  • Archimilano

    Archimilano (1999)

    site with some javascript fine code.

  • Alekos org

    Alekos org (1998)

    virtual place for the alekos activity network.

  • language test

    language test (1996)

    hypertext close-test for language learning


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